Wednesday, May 18

Hopeless devastation with Hadeland

The ancient cultural landscape should have stopped playing the role of the mother of all county boundary confusions.

Morten Hval from Lunner is not upset that Hadeland can be divided into three.

The big storm is ravaging Fylkes-Norge. Viken county can disappear completely in the casts. Innlandet county can also blow away. Much depends now on the nerve-wracking vote in the Viken Labor Party on 5 February, and on the referendum on the Internet in the Inland from 10 to 17 February.

Hadeland is the Tuscany of the North. It can be read on Lunner municipality’s website. But Hadeland has also unjustifiably become the eye of the county storm. The three municipalities here can end up in three different counties. Lunner in Akershus. Jevnaker in Buskerud. Spruce in either the Inland or Oppland.

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