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Here we are talking total change – the bestseller will be new

Kia is in the wind at the moment. They were early on the ball with the electric car, and have had success with both e-Soul and e-Niro. The latter was at one time over 6,000 orders at home in Norway.

Right now they have started selling the new and larger electric car EV6.

They have also taken new paths with their design – something EV6 and not least new Sportage are good examples of.

Soon it’s also time for a new Niro – and here creativity is not held back.

Same platform

Although the design is obviously completely new, it seems that the platform is the same as before. But it is in return adapted to electrified drivelines from the start, so it was not precarious to do so much with it.

Kia has so far not released any information about the power, range and performance of the electric version, which is of course most interesting in Norway.

Today’s e-Niro has a range of either 312 or 455 kilometers. The latter has a battery pack of 64 kWt and starts at 384,900 kroner. The entry-level model costs from NOK 339,900.

This is what the Kia e-Niro will look like when the new edition appears.

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While today’s Nio has a fairly anonymous look, no one wants to overlook the newcomer. It has been given plenty of character, and the front is a bit reminiscent of what we have seen of the new Sportage. With aluminum slip plate and marked wheel arches, it gets a slightly clearer SUV feel.

The profile is dominated by the rear section which is marked with curved, standing taillights. There is also a separate colored field between the back door and the D-pillar.

Charging hatch is as before in the grill.

Here we are talking super-rare used car

More tech and luxury

On the inside, it looks like Niro will get the new infotainment system that is in EV6. Two large screens – although the top of the main screen is more curved downwards towards the right side of the Niro.

The digital screen that controls the air conditioner has also been given the same dual function as on the EV6. So that it can also be used to control the infotainment system.

Mood lighting and a high center console also help to give the interior a boost. Here it is clear that Kia has invested resources in increasing the premium feeling.

This interior shows which direction the Kia Niro will go.

This interior shows which direction the Kia Niro will go.

You need to think about this before you order an electric car

Lots to choose from

At the time of writing, there are 118 Kia Niro for sale on the used market in Norway. Most of these are rechargeable hybrids – but there are also some electric, and in fact a small number with gasoline engine.

A well-equipped 2019 model with the 64 kWt battery costs from around 320,000 kroner.

We do not yet know when the new one will be on the market in Norway. But we will of course follow up when more information is released.

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