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Hailed by the Glimt captain: – He should be praised for avoiding the role of victim

Hugo Vetlesen has struggled to get playing time in Bodø / Glimt since the transfer from Stabæk in October 2020.

But last autumn it finally loosened up for the great talent: Towards the end of the season the midfielder stood out, in the away match against Molde he scored as a substitute the very important 1-0 goal and in general he was one of Bodø / Glimt’s form players at the end of the season.

– It was really fun that it loosened up a bit first and foremost. I really had a good feeling throughout the season. I felt that I was working hard and that I was ready for the opportunity to present itself. Then it was good to get some really good answers and results for the hard work I had put in, says Hugo Vetlesen to TV 2.

STARTING IN SPAIN: Hugo Vetlesen and Bodø / Glimt are already well underway with this year’s run-up in Spain. As early as February 17, the first of two matches against Celtic awaits. Photo: Alberto Ramon Siles

He was considered a big signing when he came to Bodø, but his first match from the start in the elite series last year came, for example, first in the eleventh round of the series.

– The stay in Glimt has probably not been exactly as Hugo envisioned, but he should have a lot of praise for having stood up and avoided the victim role. It might have been natural to take on that role in his position, says Glimt captain Ulrik Saltnes.

He thinks many would be blamed for other things if they ended up in Vetlesen’s position.

– Especially when the injuries came last year, he got back for having shown himself in a different way than those who like to play the role of victim. It tells me that he has managed to stay focused and at the same time manage to respect the coach’s reasons well enough to avoid believing that you know better or blaming others, Saltnes says.

ROSER VETLESEN: Glimt captain Ulrik Saltnes thinks many would blame others if they were in Hugo Vetlesen's situation.  Photo: Alberto Ramon Siles

ROSER VETLESEN: Glimt captain Ulrik Saltnes thinks many would blame others if they were in Hugo Vetlesen’s situation. Photo: Alberto Ramon Siles

Hugo Vetlesen has a simple explanation for why it has become like this: Even though playing time has not been forthcoming, he has no doubt.

– Ever since I came here, I have not complained for a single second. Glimpses have been absolutely incredible. I have been able to develop as a player and have focused on that. That’s the way to go. Even though I have not been given the playing time I have wanted, I have “backed” them around. That is the culture we have here in Glimt, he says.

The coach will not conclude too early

Bodø / Glimt coach Kjetil Knutsen thinks it is not surprising that Hugo Vetlesen has spent time breaking through in the Glimt system.

He points out that players like Ola Solbakken and Jens Petter Hauge spent time flourishing in the club.

– The players spend time acclimatizing to our way of playing and thinking about football. It depends a lot on the intensity, the endurance of the training and understanding what is required in the role. We have a very established style of play that it takes some time to get into. And in addition, there are great demands on the physical if you are to help shape our game, says Knutsen.

He is clear that they have been calm about Hugo Vetlesen’s situation all the way.

– He has had to fight hard and I think he has handled it well. But we are not done yet. It is still hard work that applies, so I do not think we should conclude too soon, says Knutsen.

Hugo Vetlesen makes no secret of the fact that it has sometimes been challenging to get used to the Glimt style.

– It is a challenging way to play football. It is intensive and you have to get used to it. But I think I have really benefited from a little adversity: It makes you have to stand a little in it. And then it feels incredibly good when it first comes loose, says Vetlesen.

For his part, there was petrol on the fire considering this year’s season. During the Christmas holidays, he barely took a vacation.

– It gives an extra boost then. I have not been lazy during the holidays, but really worked hard to be as well prepared as possible for the upcoming matches, he says.

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