Wednesday, May 18

Emirates: Houthi rocket averted during visit by Israeli president

– The attack did not lead to any losses. The remains of the ballistic missile fell outside inhabited areas, reports the state news agency WAM.

It was unclear early Monday night where the remains of the shot down rocket fell. The country’s civil aviation authority states that the rocket attack on the country did not lead to consequences for air traffic.

Houthi rebel spokeswoman Yehia Sarei wrote on Twitter that the rebels would make a statement that the rocket attack reached “deep into the United Arab Emirates”. He did not provide further information, nor had the Houthi news channel Al-Masirah reported on the case.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog is on a state visit to the Emirates. On Sunday, he met Abu Dhabi’s powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. It was unclear on Monday night how the rocket attack could affect the rest of his visit, which continues on Monday.

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