Sunday, May 29

Closes the subway tunnel in central Oslo after 9 pm Sunday to Thursday

The same week as relief in the measures is expected, the city center tunnel will be closed in the evening.

Maintenance on the subway means that there will be changes on all subway lines after 9 pm Sunday to Thursday in the period.
  • Arnhild Aass Kristiansen


Maintenance will be carried out on the metro tunnel between Majorstuen and the Storting. If you are one of those who are going out to eat, go to the cinema or theater now that society will soon reopen, you can not travel between Majorstuen and the Storting after kl. 21.

This will apply between from kl. 21 Sunday to Thursday between 6 and 24 February. The subway runs as normal during the day and on Friday and Saturday evenings.

This can also affect departure times, warns Ruter in a press release.

– Please note that some lines have changed departure times. Use Ruter’s travel planner to find alternative travel routes and calculate a little extra good time for the trip during this time, says Ruter’s press officer Øystein Dahl Johansen in the report.

This is the first of two periods where the subway through the city center will be closed. From Sunday 27 February until and including Thursday 24 March, Sporveien will maintain the section between Jernbanetorget and Brynseng.

Traffic will then be closed on the stretch after 9 pm in the evenings.

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