Wednesday, May 25

Additional payment deferral on the student loan is continued

According to Lånekassen one in three has chosen to postpone the bill one or more times since the corona pandemic broke out.

Anyone who pays on the student loan can in principle defer the bill 36 times.

As one of several corona measures, it has been possible since 1 March 2020 to defer payment without using this quota. The Storting has now decided that the scheme will be continued throughout the year.

The scheme, with the exception of the income limit for students working in the health and care sector, will also be continued throughout the year. The scheme has been expanded and now also includes the kindergarten and school sector.

In 2019, 126,000 of Lånekassen’s customers postponed payment one or more times. In 2020, this increased to 191,000, while the number decreased to 173,000 in 2021.

Today, around 750,000 customers pay down their student loans.


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