Wednesday, May 18

40 battery factories underway in Europe – News (Ekot)

Carlström, is the CEO and owner of Italvolt, which plans to build a battery factory in northern Italy.

– Today we have an opportunity to really change our whole world. As I see it, it is batteries that drive the entire new industrialization, he tells Ekot.

It is about a complex investment of around SEK 35 billion, but despite that he feels very confident that it will get rid of.

– We expect to be able to start our construction at the end of this year. We are submitting building permit applications. The capital market for this type of investment is very, very good, he says.

Just a few years ago There were basically no plans to build large battery factories in Europe, but as vehicle manufacturers invest more and more in electric power, a new industry is now emerging in Europe.

– More than 40 large factories are being built or are in the planning stage. If it locks in, Europe will be a leader in batteries, says Claes Winzell, at the research institute Rise, to Ekot.

He says that there are huge investments being made now.

– During my professional life, I can not remind myself that I have seen any similar investment. It would probably be the rollout of mobile telephony in the mid-90s that corresponds in size. Otherwise, I have a hard time seeing what would correspond in investment value.

Europe is far behind Asia and both industry and the European Commission want to change that, he says.

It is seen as important not to be too dependent on Asian factories. Something that battery CEO Lars Carlström agrees with.

– We are ten years behind China. 95 percent of everything that happens in the battery world takes place outside Europe, especially in Asia. Everything that is happening now will have a major impact on the market in Europe and, above all, we will be able to create thousands of new jobs. We expect to directly employ 3,000 people in our factory, he says.

Every single one like that this factory can thus create thousands of new jobs. Sweden can have several such factories.

In Skellefteå, Northvolt has already started manufacturing batteries, soon Volvo Cars together with Northvolt will decide where their battery factory will be located and in Svenljunga, the municipality hopes that a Norwegian company will build a factory.

– It would mean a lot to a municipality like Svenljunga if it became this factory. But it is not only Svenljunga that is affected, but surrounding municipalities, the Borås region and in fact the whole of western Sweden, says the chairman of the municipal board, the Social Democrat, Patrik Harrysson to Ekot.

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