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Renault RS 265: How cheap you get the sports car no one else has

Renault may not be the first brand you associate with a sports car, although they have some goodies on their conscience over the years. We remember, among other things, 5 Turbo, Clio V6, Megane 250, Alpine 110 and the rarity Sport Spider.

But they actually know a good deal about how to make fun, compact cars, even if they do not do so often.

In 2011, they introduced the Megane RS 265 – a special edition of the Megane RS 250. And as you have quite rightly guessed already: 265 indicates the number of horsepower.

Now one of these is for sale on the second-hand market in Norway.


RS stands here for Renault Sport – and RS 265 was only available in two colors: Yellow or black. The car we have found is black – with 19 “black rims. It is a 2012 model that has rolled a modest 52,000 kilometers.

Based on the photos, it seems to be in really good condition, and here we are talking about a car that will make many Renault enthusiasts grin wide.

It is also approved with both lowering sets and spacers – which contributes to an extra rugged look.

Manual transmission is just as it should be on these cars. Sports seats and a good pile of equipment are also in place.

This is what the car for sale in Norway looks like. Facsimile:

See the whole ad here

Affordable price

The price estimate is set at NOK 295,000. Whether it is expensive or cheap is almost impossible to say. Because there is not exactly an abundance of these on the market.

A quick look at the used market in Germany does not make it that much easier. Here, too, this is a rare car. We found one that had traveled almost 100,000 kilometers for just under 18,000 Euros.

But that it is an affordable price for many, there is no doubt. Here you can actually sit with an ever so small collector’s item, too.

This is what the interior looks like.  Not much to pick on here, it seems.  Facsimile:

This is what the interior looks like. Not much to pick on here, it seems. Facsimile:

Read more about Megane RS 265 here

No rocket, but …

0-100 km / h is delivered in six seconds blank. It’s not enough to get people to put their coffee down their throats. But the experience of driving a light car with a manual gearbox and a finely tuned chassis is still something in itself.

The car received glittering reviews in tests – and the reputable Auto Express in England called it a GTI killer. Both TopGear and What Car? named it the best car in the class,

The RS 265 also set good lap times on the demanding Nürburgring race track.

The Renault that became Brooms used car from hell

More evils

By the way, Renault eventually made some even sharper versions of the Megane. In 2017 came 275 Cup-S – and then the worst RS Trophy-R in 2019.

In the latter, the power in a 1.8-liter engine was scared up to 300 horsepower. In addition, weight was cut, carbon rims were fitted, titanium exhaust systems were fitted and the rear seats were ejected. Brakes and chassis were also upgraded.

The result: the fastest street car Renault had ever produced. At the Nürburgring it drove in for an impressive 7 minutes and 45 seconds.

Tempted to try French vintage luxury?

Video: Renault plans to give new life to its iconic small car:

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