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– Felt I threw her to the wolves

Already as a three-year-old, Mari Bølla told mum and dad that she should be in Idol. Twelve years later, in 2020, she won Idol as the youngest in Norway ever. The artist’s dream was so strong that the whole family last year chose to move to Oslo so that Mari could get closer to her dream.

– It really felt like a very right and easy choice for us, says Silje Eriksen Bølla, Mari’s mother.

It helped, of course, that the father in the house already worked a lot in Eastern Norway, that Silje had an employer who allowed her to work from home, and that Mari could complete upper secondary school as a private student. Thus, it carried to the capital for the whole family.

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Dreamed of Idol

Only three years old, Mari was determined that Idol was a competition she should take part in. And she took quite an active part in making it happen:

– For each season, the zeal and desire only developed more and more, mum Silje tells Good morning Norway.

She says that Mari kept a kind of statistic: One year, several of the participants who went on to play guitar. Thus, Mari concluded that she had to learn to play the guitar.

– She was quite focused in what she was doing.

In 2020, Mari topped Idol. Photo: Thomas Andersen / TV 2

In 2014, Mari was part of Idol Junior, and in 2020 – only 15 years old – she went to the top in Idol.

– It was a dream come true. I knew I had something to contribute, but was not sure if I had it in me to win the competition, says Mari.

Tossed her to the wolves

It can be quite challenging for a 15-year-old to be thrown into the spotlight, but Mari has taken it all very calmly.

– I have a very nice family and support staff in the back. I have several older siblings and have had a lot of sibling love throughout my childhood.

But for mother Silje, it has not been as easy to see her daughter expose herself to risk on stage.

– I have sometimes felt that I have thrown her to the wolves.

She compares it to sports: If the children injure themselves during a match, you as a parent can run out on the field and be comforting and present.

– If something goes wrong on a stage, you can not run up to the stage to save them from it.

– She has to deal with it, and then it feels a bit like pushing her to the wolves and see if she survives.

Then it was almost a bit good that the corona came almost at the same time as Idol. Normally, a victory in the competition would lead to a hectic period afterwards, but that put an end to the corona. The mother thought it was all right.

– It gave Mari some time to find out who she was and what she wanted. I experience that she has had to spend time finding her voice and her way.

Ready for MGP

And she found the way. Now Mari is 17, and ready for an even bigger circus: Melodi Grand Prix. Mari performs the song «Your loss».

Mari Bølla participates in this year's Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix with the song «Your Loss».  Photo: Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Mari Bølla participates in this year’s Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix with the song «Your Loss». Photo: Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

– I am very excited and looking forward a lot. I’m very grateful that I’m still allowed to stand on stage and show who I am.

The dream is of course to win, but she emphasizes that it is incredibly fun just to be a part of it.

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