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Elli has had anxiety – but fears offending others with the diagnosis

The Viaplay series “Ida takes responsibility” comes at the end of January, and depicts the young and anxious psychology student Ida, who is obsessed with catastrophic thoughts. Most of all, she fears terror.

Although the series is about anxiety, it is full of humor. Osborne hopes she has managed to balance the theme and the seriousness.

In the Good Evening Norway video at the top of the case, you can watch the trailer and the interview with the actor.

MAIN ROLE: “Ida takes responsibility” premieres on Viaplay on 30 January. Photo: Viaplay

Do not want to offend

When asked what was most demanding with this role, she answers the following:

– Not to overplay. I hope it does not turn out that I am trying to imitate someone who is struggling with anxiety. I do not want to make fun of it, even though there is a lot of humor involved. I may be a little afraid that it will be too much, but I trust the director Rikke Gregersen and the editors. It was important to me that it did not become too “quirky”. It was perhaps the most difficult thing, to keep it “naturally anxious”.

Osborne says she herself has had anxiety.

– I think everyone is a little anxious sometimes, and can struggle with it. I have struggled with anxiety throughout. A little on and off. I’ve talked to people about it, and the psychologist.

As an actress, she uses her own experiences when she enters roles, but also gets help from her imagination.

– I do not just use my own experiences. I use my imagination a lot to bring out emotions and things like that. It depends on how I feel and what I need to bring to each scene.

Shooting stars

Despite her young age, she has already had many, large roles in productions such as “Utøya July 22” and “Hope”. Soon she will also be seen in the Netflix series “Royalteen”.

She is described as the next big thing in acting, but is still very down to earth in the interview with Good evening Norway. She says all she wants is to continue acting, because it makes her happy.

– One must not forget that it is just a job, and that the consequence is that your face is on a screen and you get attention for it. I think giving up things like jealousy quite early on is very important.

She says it is her father, who also works in the film industry, who has taught her the importance of not letting jealousy and other hurt feelings take too much part in life. Osborne also draws inspiration from other places:

– I just read a quote from Buddha. “Keeping angry is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”


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