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BroomPodden: Parking fine: – This is completely hopeless!

There is little that is as annoying as getting a parking ticket. Now a lot is happening automatically. A number of parking garages have, for example, registration of your license plate number when you drive in – so can pay when you drive out, or online afterwards.

There have also been parking apps, which should make it easier. With these, you can also adjust the payment along the way, if you see that you spend more time than planned.

But it is not always as easy to know if you have paid for the right place …

Yellow patch under the windshield wiper

This is exactly what Broom’s editor-in-chief Vegard Møller Johnsen recently experienced. He parked outside the train station in Drammen. Registered the car and paid with Easypark’s App – and went to work.

When he returned, there was still a yellow patch under the windshield wiper.

– This is not the first time I get a parking ticket. Hardly the last one either. But usually I realize it’s my fault. This time, however, I understood little of the fine, says Broom-Vegard. And try to stay calm.

The mayor complained when she was fined

Submitted complaint

He was parked in an area belonging to Easypark. And based on the App – and the location of the car – everything seems to be right.

– I have submitted a complaint, after trying to reach them by phone. Of course, calling was completely hopeless. I have now received an email rejecting the complaint. By the way, of course an email you can not reply to. If the case is to be taken further, there will be new websites and more time. No wonder people just give up.

Vegard’s parking fine, and parking fines in general, are some of the things that are talked about in the last episode of BroomPodden. And we can reveal everything now that it’s getting really hot for one of the Broom guys in particular.

Listen to the entire latest episode by clicking below:

Video: Broom-Vegard has been fined – which he is provoked by:

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