Sunday, May 29

Animal welfare organizations won in court – Oslo District Court stops wolf hunting

The wolf hunt in the four districts Hornmoen, Rømskog, Bograngen and Slettås will be stopped, according to a ruling from the Oslo District Court.

Four of the six wolves in Letjennareviret in Elverum in Hedmark were shot on the first day of the license hunt in 2020.

Just before Christmas, the Ministry of Climate and the Environment decided to uphold the Predatory Game Committees’ decision to kill 25 wolves in the four districts of Hornmoen, Rømskog, Bograngen and Slettås.

The animal protection organizations Noah, WWF and Foreningen Våre Rovdyr took the case to court because they believe the decision was invalid. They then requested a so-called temporary injunction with the aim of stopping the wolf hunt until the Court of Appeal has dealt with the appeal in the so-called Letjenna case, which will go to court again this summer.

The Oslo District Court ruled in July that the decision to kill the wolves in the Letjenna area was invalid, but this ruling has been appealed. Regardless of the outcome when the case comes before the Court of Appeal in June, there is reason to believe that the matter of principle will ultimately end up on the Supreme Court’s table.

Hunting within the wolf zone is between 1 January and 15 February. After this it is mating season for the wolf. The wolves in question live in the four territories Hornmoen, Rømskog, Bograngen and Slettås.

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