Wednesday, May 18

Tufte honored with prestige award: – A great honor

Olaf Tufte (45), who retired after last year’s games in Tokyo, has been awarded the “Thomas Keller Medal”. The award is the highest award in international rowing.

HONORED: Olaf Tufte has been a bauta in the rover world for several decades. Now he has been awarded the highest prize you can get.

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– Tufte is the winner of the rosport’s most prestigious award. He gets it after a career that included seven Olympic Games, the International Rowing Federation writes on its website.

Tufte received the award during the World Rowing Awards. They highlight the Norwegian’s medal catch in the justification for the award.

The former rower is very humbled to have received the award.

– It’s a great honor. I am extremely humble towards those who have voted for me and thought I deserved this. Rosporten has developed me into the person I have become. I have to thank everyone who has been a part of the road here. There have been an enormous number of important supporters, says Tufte to VG on Saturday afternoon.

The prize is only awarded after the end of your career. Tufte says that he was surprised that he should suddenly be honored on an equal footing with his great role models.

– This is the biggest award you can get in rowing. You can not take it, you must get it. It is given to those who are believed to have had a good influence on the sport. I have always looked up to those who have received this award. It is extremely nice to be recognized from the rover world, which has been my second family for over 30 years, says the former rower.

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