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They make their own furniture: – It makes the interior unique

Stealing styles? Here are Henriette Sandøy Kjenna’s six best interior design tips.

Kjenes and her husband moved in in August and spend time making their mark on the terraced house. It is the living room that is the most finished of all the rooms.

Mitt favorittrom: – The best thing about the living room is the tranquility. Here you can curl up on the sofa and relax properly. For me, it is important to have a calm color palette and a good sofa. You are forced to sit in a good position.

Who what where: Henriette Sandøy Kjenes, civil engineer and interior consultant, @ henriettes.hjem on Instagram. Lives in Øygarden, northwest of Bergen.

Kjenes and the man moved into the terraced house in August. It is fairly new, built in 2019.

– We did not want to renovate, so it’s nice that everything is new. The colors on the walls mostly matched. It was a stylish, shiny canvas we could make a mark on without turning everything upside down, says Kjenes.

Kjenes is a civil engineer and works as a project engineer. At work, it is mostly about tenders and costs. In your free time, interior design and creativity are important.
The cat Vilma poses in front of the living room tables Kjenes has refurbished: – When you make the furniture yourself, you can decide what it should look like.
They have a view to the west. The sunsets are beautiful once the sun is up.

Planned colors: All the colors are connected, both on the walls and the interior. Therefore, Kjenes both makes and upgrades the furniture. She wants to avoid buying too much new and instead finds used furniture that can be given new life with paint or foil.

– I like earth tones, especially dark brown. It should be warm and cozy, but still stylish, says Kjenes.

Field of play: There are wooden pillars behind the sofa and the dining table, but only smaller fields. It is used as decoration instead of pictures.

– We have used double-sided tape, so that the games can easily be removed if you get bored. It is also boring to make a thousand holes in the wall and then regret it.

The terraced house was built in 2019. When Kjenes and her husband took over, they only needed to make their mark on the interior.
The sofa is bought used. Reuse is both economical and can give the interior a more unique expression, Kjenes believes.

She has made or upgraded this furniture:

  • The TV bench is painted in the same color as the wall. Then it becomes less dominant, and the room gets a calmer expression by using tone-on-tone colors, Kjenes believes.
  • The dining table is made after inspiration from the Instagram account @hvitelinjer. Two hobby boards in pine are table top. These are tied together by a frame of barge underneath, which also helps to stiffen the table. The hobby boards are stained with a two-step treatment, where the first layer removes the yellow tone in the pine boards, and the second layer gives the nice brown tone. The legs were bought from a Danish furniture manufacturer. The table is 2.4 meters long and cost around 3000-4000 kroner to make.
  • Knows the desired organic shapes on the coffee tables and found two pieces on the used market. The legs on one table were sanded and then stained in the same color as the dining table and the wall pillars. On the other table, the original legs were removed and replaced with a casting tube that has had round pillars of the same color glued on. Both table tops are foiled, so the surface looks like stone with a terrazzo pattern.
The dining table is the favorite: – I am very happy. It’s always a little exciting when you make things yourself, but the table is steady and works very well.

The style suits the personality: – I have heard that people recognize me in the interior. The stylish and tone-on-tone colors. I’m not that up and down, I’m pretty stable as a person. Maybe it has a connection, laughs Kjenes.

Newly married: Kjenes and her husband got married in the summer of 2020 and finally got to have the wedding party at the end of October 2021. They used dried flowers and straw as decoration for the wedding. The bridal bouquet is located in the window. She has used parts of the remaining flower decorations to make candlesticks.

The remains of the bridal bouquet and decorations from the wedding: Candle holders are glued to a painted bowl. Flowers are tucked into the oasis. The candlestick can be flammable and works best with electric lights. Inspiration from @designlog.

Know six most important style tips:

  1. Choose colors that match. It’s hard, but I try to see everything in context. I stick to a few colors and let some of them go tone-on-tone. The colors have about the same color, whiteness and blackness.
  2. Have a contrasting color. I use black. The frames of the chairs and the dining table are black, as are the picture frames. This creates a more lively expression, at the same time as the eyes get something concrete to fall on.
  3. My best tip is to make things yourself. Then you can choose exactly the color you want, so that it matches with the other furniture and wall colors. The calm expression in our living room is a lot about the games on the wall, the plates on the dining table and the legs on the coffee tables being the same color. Another advantage of making things yourself is that the home becomes more personal, and you may not need as many objects in the room for it to feel like a home.
  4. Paint things in the same color as the wall. This means that there are fewer different colors to relate to in a room. It is easier to match different textiles than to match different wooden furniture, for example.
  5. Try to create a style that is clear to yourself. Then it is easier not to buy things that do not fit.
  6. If I like something, I try to see if there is anything similar used. Then I can possibly paint and adapt the object. You often dare to change something that has been bought used, rather than something new. When you have changed something yourself, it often gives the object a greater affection value. You take more care of the item if you are satisfied with the result.
The games can be easily removed if they get bored.
The TV bench is painted tone-on-tone with the wall.

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