Monday, May 23

The state goes to war for “the unborn life.” But no one takes less care of children and young people.

JACKSON (Aftenposten): No one understood that heavily pregnant Dez Sumler (26) was seriously ill. Infant mortality in the home state is on a par with Albania and Kazakhstan.

Dez Sumler was opposed to abortion, but has changed his mind as an adult. – Ultimately, it is our body and our health that apply, she says.

Dez Sumler leaves nothing to chance. Not this time.

The 26-year-old has hired a midwife and another support person to assist her before, during and after the birth.

She pays for it out of her own pocket. Her state insurance does not cover it.

– It costs a bit, but it is undoubtedly worth the money. It can be about life and death, she says.

Sumler’s first pregnancy taught her just that. She was only 18 years old and did not know what was normal and what was not. His legs were swollen. Vision foggy. It hurt in my head all the time. Blood pressure was high.

– I felt like an inflated bullet fish, she says.

But no one took the symptoms seriously.

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