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The Norwegian Ski Association receives ramsalt criticism in external evaluation of the Bråthen case

On Saturday, an external evaluation committee shared their views on the infamous “jumping case” between the Norwegian Ski Association and Clas Brede Bråthen.

After many months of public conflict, the case finally ended with Bråthen becoming national team manager, not sports manager, for the Norwegian national jumping team. Bråthen had been associated with the national team on temporary contracts since 2004.

The report dealt with the Norwegian Ski Association’s case processing and media handling of the case, in addition to NSF’s organization, personnel management and financial management.

The Norwegian Ski Association receives harsh criticism. The report states:

«NSF has too vague responsibilities and authorities when it comes to hiring e.g. sports managers in the branches. »

“NSF was too poorly prepared to handle the case in the media, and did not inform well enough internally while it was going on.”

“NSF has an organization and organizational culture that does not adequately prevent conflicts and contributes to cooperation between the branch and between the branches of the central administration.”

The report also revealed that several in the Norwegian Ski Association quit their jobs as a result of the case. The evaluation committee sees this as “serious” for the organization’s reputation.

Clas Brede Bråthen said the following to TV 2 before Saturday’s report:

– I spend my time on what I am employed to do, namely follow the jumping race. What may come in that report, I leave for the time being to my lawyer, says Bråthen.

Bråthen also criticized – branded as “disloyal”

Further in the report, Bråthen, referred to as the then sports director, is also criticized. The report states:

“Employees of NSF jumps have behaved inappropriately and shown disloyalty to their employer and the jump committee.”

“Employees in NSF jumps have put their own wishes, goals and interests ahead of the community in NSF”

“The responsibility for this lies with the then sports manager in jumping, without this relieving the individual employees of responsibility”

LONG CASE: It was on 17 August last year that the public learned about the conflict between Clas Brede Bråthen and the Norwegian Ski Association. Photo: Geir Olsen

Bråthen reacts at the time of the report

The national team manager further tells TV 2 that he reacts at the time of the report.

– I note that the Ski Association’s president Erik Røste chooses to present the so-called evaluation report about what he himself refers to as the “jumping case” in the middle of one of the season’s most important races for our girls, he says, and adds:

– It is my responsibility to follow our athletes in the competitions and I therefore of course follow the race in Willingen. I have employees who follow the presentation of the report. I will talk to them after the race and will then respond to the inquiry from the media.

– It also amazes me that the Ski Association has chosen to present the report today, a week before the Olympics start in Beijing. We are in the final stages of sporting preparations that require all our time.

The evaluation committee:

Katharina Rise (leader)

· Siv Jørgensen, appointed by the ski circuit leaders

· Fredrik Hald, appointed by the ski circuit leaders

· Svein Oppegaard

· Roger Solheim

· A secretariat is engaged by the committee leader

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