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The handball boys had to fly back to Munich: – Too much wind

The Lufthansa plane with several of the national team players in handball got to Oslo, but instead of landing, the plane had to turn around and return to Munich.

MUST STAY IN MUNICH: Kent Robin Tønnesen and coach Christian Berge were scheduled to go to Norway on Saturday, but must spend the night in Munich.

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Four Norwegian national team players and large parts of the support staff have to spend the night in Munich after difficult wind conditions meant that several planes did not land in Scandinavia.

Just before four o’clock, the Lufthansa plane from Munich was to land at Gardermoen, but when the plane was about to land, the counter message came.

U-SWING: The Lufthansa plane got up to Gardermoen, but then returned to Munich.

– What happened was that there was too much wind when we were about to land. The captain canceled the landing and found out that it was a return trip to Munich, says head of media and communication in the handball association, Lars Hojem Kvam, to VG.

– I experienced it as if Lufthansa had control, but it is not often that you end up going back to the starting point, he continues.

Kvam himself posted a message on Twitter about the flight home from the men’s handball European Championships:

On board the plane was the entire Norwegian support staff, except for Jonas Wille in the coaching team. In addition, the three players Kent Robin Tønnesen, Endre Langass and Thomas Solstad were present. A total of twelve people in and around the national team were on the plane to Oslo, Kvam states.

In Munich they were also visited by Vetle Aga. The defense giant was going to Gothenburg, but also that plane had to turn around and fly back to Munich.

– It has been a long January for many, so there were probably many who would have liked to come home tonight, but this is life, Kvam says to VG.

In addition to the fact that the planes to Oslo and Gothenburg both had to turn around, he says that several of the national team’s players had problems.

– Two flew to Aalborg earlier today. There was a landing on the fourth attempt. Another was going to Hamburg, but ended up in Hanover, says Kvam.

– The airline has followed up and arranged well for us, so we have nothing to complain about. It is only the patience that gets tested a little after 3-4 weeks of travel, says Kvam.

After the unexpected overnight stay in Munich, there will be another attempt to return home on Sunday. Kvam says optimistically that less wind has been reported.

On Saturday, there have been storms in large parts of southern Norway. The storm has primarily affected Sørlandet and Vestlandet, and has led to landslides, power outages and closed roads.

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