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Sundby asks that the infected be given Olympic priority

SEISER ALM (VG) Martin Johnsrud Sundby (37) still believes that the infected Olympic hopes can impress in Beijing.

INFECTED: Heidi Weng, Simen Hegestad Krüger and Anne Kjersti Kavlå tested positive for corona.

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He himself was suffering from coronary heart disease recently.

– I see no reason to apply the emergency brake too soon. You get to a crossroads, but if Krüger does not know the symptoms and can travel to stand at five miles, it should be kept open, Sundby says.

Heidi Weng, Anne Kjersti Kalvå and Simen Hegstad Krüger have tested this week positive for the coronavirus in Seiser Alm – shortly before the Olympics open with a duathlon on 5 and 6 February for women and men. In any case, the trio is not enough.

Saturday was Ragnhild Haga brought in in the Norwegian Olympic squad for corona-infected Anne Kjersti Kalvå.

– Kalvå is not ready for the first practice, and then we have to have people to field a full team, says coach Ole Morten Iversen to VG.

However, he does not rule out that Kalvå can get to the Olympics.

– But right now she is neither ready to travel nor in the squad. She is accredited and qualified, so if there are any places, she is someone you can put in.

He illustrates how chaotic it is: If Heidi Weng’s tests do not meet, Kalvå can actually rejoin the squad as a reserve for Weng.

NRK experts Fredrik Aukland and Torgeir Bjørn stated shortly after Weng and Kalvå’s infection became known that it was almost just forgetting the Olympics.

Sundby is more optimistic.

– Krüger is the best card we have for skating and in height. He is so easily-trained and good that this does not have to break him.

Krüger himself says NRK that he has little hope of going five miles on February 19, while he himself believes that the rest will come too soon.

SUPPORT: Martin Johnsrud Sundby (with his son Marcus) still believes Simen Hegstad Krüger can get to the Olympics.

Weng and Kalvå can leave isolation no earlier than February 3, while the date is February 6 for Krüger, according to current rules in Italy.

Then have to test negative five times and four days to get into China, according to national team doctor Øystein Andersen.

This means that Weng and Kalvå in best case can travel to Beijing on February 7, while February 10 applies to Krüger. Without infection, Weng would run the distance races and relay. Also the 10-kilometer (10 Feb.)

National team doctor Øystein Andersen believes it is possible to return quickly after omicron infection.

– We are more positive than before. With previous mutations, we have been very skeptical and conservative. We have more hope that it will go faster because the disease burden is lower now, there are milder infections. In that sense, I am positive, but it can not be at the expense of people’s health. It will be an individual assessment of how quickly we dare to press depending on how sick they become, says Andersen.

HERE THEY LIVE: In this hotel live corona-infected Heidi Weng and Anne Kjersti Kalvå.

On Friday, the rest of the Olympic squad tested negative on PCR tests in Italy. Johannes Høsflot Klæbo traveled home in a private plane in goes in the afternoon.ruar), but it can get in excess fast. In addition to the fact that the shape must be good after infection and isolation, you should also turn the clock around a bit and the journey to China is long. Calvary – in normal form – is also relevant for the distance races.

Krüger was probably not likely to walk 15 kilometers on February 11, but normally he is the gold favorite in the five-mile (February 19) and clear candidate for relay (February 13).

Krüger and Sundby took gold together in the relay in 2018. The 37-year-old is now going long distance for Team Koteng Eidissen, and recently the whole team became infected. Several of them show up for Marcialonga on Sunday (8 am on NRK), just over two and a half after infection.

– Personally, it has been tough to get started. I caught a cold with a lot of baldness, and it has come back a bit after sessions, but it is individual, says Sundby.

– Had the Olympics been in Oslo, I would not have imagined anything other than that Krüger went five miles. But it is complicated with Beijing due to test requirements, altitude, travel and time acclimatization.

– How should the ski management now consider whether to send those who have been taken out and infected, up to new reserves?

– The eight who have been taken out will be allowed to live in hope for as long as is theoretically possible. They have fought insanely hard to qualify and are having a very hard time now, so they should have something that keeps their motivation up in isolation, Sundby answers.

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