Monday, May 23

Sigurd (17) became world champion: – This is extremely big

Sigurd Henriksen (17) became world champion in the 5000 meters in the junior WC in Austria on Saturday.

Sigurd Henriksen (17).

The time of 6.33.16 secured the Bergen native first place, almost 8 seconds ahead of the Dutchman Stijn Van De Bunt who won silver.

– This is extremely large and has been a dream for a long time, says Henriksen.

The time is also a new track record and personal best time for Henriksen in 5000 meters.

It is worth noting that the Olympia Eisstadion in Innsbruck is an outdoor course where it is significantly slower than indoors.

– I’ve been so nervous. The last few days have been awful. Last night I woke up at 4 and did not sleep much after that. Fortunately, it did not have much to say for the race, he says and adds:

– It was a perfect race, where everything clapped on the day it was supposed to. The legs felt fine and everything went well technically.

Sigurd Henriksen (Fana IL).

Henriksen knew that the form was good enough for victory.

– But it is always uncertain before a championship if it will really go. Especially when I have not walked this distance in the junior WC, against the other opponents here before. I had faith, but I knew everything had to work out.

– What happens next tonight?

– Now I will be in doping control, then I will eat and recharge for the team competitions tomorrow. Now I can finally lower my shoulders. Tomorrow I’ll just have fun and have fun, he says.

Emil Pedersen Matre (Fana IL).

Emil Pedersen Matre (Fana IL) went into bronze in the 1500 meters with a time of 1.51,533.

Matre also won bronze overall in the world championship.

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