Tuesday, May 24

Several artists boycott Spotify

Joni Mitchell follows Neil Young’s example and removes his albums from Spotify. The reason is “spreading lies” about the coronavirus on the power service.

“Irresponsible people are spreading lies that cost people their lives,” Mitchell wrote on his website.

She adds that she feels solidarity with Neil Young and the global medical research community.

Neil Young recently demanded that Spotify remove the podcasts of Joe Rogan, who is accused of spreading misinformation about the coronavirus. When Spotify did not do so, Young removed his music from the streaming service.

The reason for the boycott is that Rogan last month interviewed a doctor, who has become a hero among vaccine opponents.

The doctor, who has been banned from Twitter for spreading disinformation, claims, among other things, that people have been hypnotized into believing that the vaccine prevents serious illness.

Hundreds of doctors, psychiatrists and researchers have now joined forces on an open letter, asking Spotify to stop sharing the podcast – which is exclusively available on Spotify.

On Twitter, several statements of support write to Mitchell and Young, and post screenshots of them terminating their subscriptions. Several celebrities are also calling for a boycott of the electricity service.


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