Thursday, May 26

Maria Kjos Fonn: Even feminists tend to overlook this group of women

About six percent of the inmates in Norwegian prisons are women. They generally have poorer conditions of imprisonment than men, and are invisible in the public debate.

It is easy to get the impression that feminists are more concerned with the glass roof than with the concrete walls, writes Maria Kjos Fonn.

At any given time, a couple of hundred Norwegian women are zoning behind barbed wire fences, massive lattice gates and security checks. We can not see them from the outside, rarely hear from them, and few know how they feel.

They are charged with drunk driving, violence against their own children, drug crime, profiteering or murder. Female inmates make up around six percent of all inmates. The low proportion makes them in themselves a marginalized and often invisible group. It simply takes even more bad luck in life and exclusion to go to jail for a woman than a man.

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