Wednesday, May 18

Karpe-Chirag’s dream came true

Recently, Karpe released new music through an “unstoppable loop” with a film that rapper Chirag Rashmikant Patel describes as a “desi / arab sci fi” universe.

The music advertising got a lot of attention among the fans, but now there is something else that has caught Patel’s attention.

On Saturday, Karpe shared Instagram that “Omar Sheriff” is set up on a large billboard in the Indian city of Anand.

This is a city Patel has a very special relationship with:

– “Omar Sheriff” billboard in my mother’s hometown, he writes on Instagram.

Patel has been thinking about this possibility for a long time, and now the wish is coming true:

– A lifelong dream, he describes it as on Intagram and Twitter along with a crying smiley.

Several fans praise what they have achieved and brag about them in the comments section.

One writes, among other things:

“This is so damn fat!”

While another writes:

“You absolutely deserve this,” with a heart at the end.

A third person also clearly shows that the person has listened to their music and uses a phrase from the Karpe song “Iboprofen” to comment:

“Your mom gets epileptic seizures after seeing your billboards in Anand!”

Here the person refers to the word «epilepsy», and in the song they sing about when Patel’s mother pronounced the word wrong while she was explaining that their light shows gave her epileptic seizures.

Good evening Norway has not succeeded in getting a comment from Patel.

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