Thursday, May 26

Great orchestral sounds for a too small audience

The Oslo Philharmonic’s first concert this year offers great orchestral sounds, but the music is not always as accurate.

The Russian-American star conductor Semyon Bychkov on stage in the Oslo Concert Hall.

Like most other music institutions, the Oslo Philharmonic has had an amputated start to the year. After multiple cancellations, the orchestra can finally open the doors to the Oslo Concert Hall and play this year’s first concert, albeit only for 200 listeners.

According to the plan, the Philharmonic was to play Gustav Mahler’s “Symphony No. 7” together with the Russian-American star conductor Semyon Bychkov. But after a last-minute change, there is contemporary American music and a Russian orchestral hit on the program. The orchestra sounds fantastic, but the music does not always reach the same artistic level.

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