Thursday, May 26

Cross-country boys back in Norway: – Been treated as a mix of Justin Bieber and King Harald

On Saturday afternoon, the rest of the Norwegian cross-country skiers arrived at Gardermoen after they left the nightmare camp in Seiser Alm earlier in the day.

Emil Iversen, Sjur Røthe, Hans Christer Holund, Erik Valnes, Håvard Solås Taugbøl and Pål Golberg and others in the support staff landed at Oslo Airport Gardermoen at 15.30.

National team coach Myhr Nossum gave an interview half an hour after landing.

– A fantastic flight, one of the most seamless and comfortable flights in my life, summed up the national team coach for TV 2.

Emil Iversen was also very pleased to be back on Norwegian soil on Saturday afternoon after a pleasant flight.

– We have had plenty of space. Arrangements have been made for no one to be in close contact with each other, says Iversen, and adds:

– We have been treated as a mix of Justin Bieber and King Harald when we landed here. Strange that it is due to covid. But it tasted good that welcome here.

NATIONAL TEAM MANAGER: Eirik Myhr Nossum back on Norwegian soil Saturday afternoon. Photo: TV 2

Ready to perform to the maximum

National team manager Nossum believes that the cross-country skiers are in good spirits, despite the dramatic days the gang has been through in Seiser Alm, where Simen Hegstad Krüger, as well as Heidi Weng and Anne Kjersti Kalvå tested positive for the corona.

– I would definitely say that. It marked it on the session after the positive test also t it was on the road to recovery, but the evening was heavy, yes.

– Where are they mentally?

– I think they are in the right place. It was a tough strain that night. It is competition that drives them, so I think they are ready both in the top and the body to give their maximum in China.

With only two days to go to Beijing, the days at Gardermoen will be used for the final preparations before the championship.

– We will be tested in the head and the fox, I was about to say.

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