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Visited American talk show

“Late Night with Seth Meyers” is an American talk show that is broadcast on the American TV channel NBC, and there is a good atmosphere in the studio when Renate Reinsve is a guest on the program.

In the interview, the actor talks about the film “The World’s Worst Man”, which has received great international recognition and has been nominated for several awards. In the role of Julie, Reinsve won the award for best female actress at the Cannes Film Festival.

Can’t put into words how big it is

Host Seth Meyers opens the interview by bragging about the film, and asks the Norwegian actor how this whole journey has been for her.

– I can not put it into words yet. I’m sitting here now. It’s scary, and it’s amazing. It’s all words, Reinsve answers.

Meyers asks the actress if it is true that she had actually decided to quit acting, the day before she was offered the lead role in “The World’s Worst Man”.

– Yes. I had a great moment where I leaned back and thought I was done. The next day, I got a call about this role. It is very strange, she says.

RECOGNIZED: “The World’s Worst Man” has received great international recognition. Photo: Beate Oma Dahle

Think the ex was happy

– What was your backup plan? asks the host.

– It was a carpenter. Almost the same as acting, says Reinsve.

Director Joachim Trier has previously said that he spotted Renate Reinve’s talent during the filming of the film “Oslo 31 August”, and that he and co-author Eskil Vogt wrote the role of Julie in “The World’s Worst Man” especially for Reinsve.

Meyers asks the actress if she saw this as good or bad news.

– The first thing I thought was that my ex was going to be very happy. My face will be on a poster and it will say “The world’s worst man”, Reinsve answers.

In one of the scenes in the film, her character runs through the streets of Oslo, where she is the only person in motion. Around her are school children, motorcyclists, tourists, men in suits on their way to work, quiet as sculptures.

Meyers asks Reinsve how this was done.

– They practiced, and stood there and looked very good. I ran up and down the street, and then suddenly we saw that more people had joined. And then they had to stand there all day, says Reinsve.

AWARD: Renate Reinsve won the award for best female actress at the Cannes Film Festival.  Photo: Valery Hache

AWARD: Renate Reinsve won the award for best female actress at the Cannes Film Festival. Photo: Valery Hache

Tells that Norway is proud

Meyers asks the actor how Norwegians have reacted to the fact that the Norwegian film has received such great international recognition.

– They are so proud. I feel that everyone in Norway thinks, “now we did it”. Everyone is happy, she says.

– When you’re in Cannes, do you get to meet other actors you’ve looked up to? asks Meyers.

– Yes. I had a moment. I think it was the day after we had shown the film. I walked past Tilda Swinton, stopped and turned to see if it was her. I waited until she saw me, and then I gave her a buck, Reinsve says.

The actress says that she thought Swinton would be grateful, but gives the impression that she was rather shocked by the buck.

– Later I heard that she had just seen the film, says Reinsve.

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