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This sight irritates the victorious Riiber

Jarl Magnus Riiber has an incredible victory statistic. But he still has a job to do in the World Cup.

Here is Jarl Magnus Riiber’s usual place – at the top of the podium. But he does not actually lead the World Cup overall.

Jarl Magnus Riiber wins everything he competes in. But he does not lead the World Cup overall before the races in Seefeld this weekend.

This is what arch-rival Johannes Lamparter does.

The Norwegian has stood over the last four World Cup races, after he suffered a back injury in Val di Fiemme.

– Is it frustrating to see that Lamparter is now leading?

– It has been a bit frustrating since I have felt good. I went home from Val di Fiemme and did not think I would get better so quickly, Riiber says to Aftenposten.

– I jumped in the National Championships in Holmenkollen (took silver among the special jumpers) and I know I am in good shape. Therefore, it was extra frustrating.

– Impatient and competitive person

Riiber thinks that he could have walked some of the runs he was over.

At the same time, he acknowledges that he has received a lot of help with his back in Norway, more than he would have received if he had been in Val di Fiemme.

National team coach Jan Schmid thinks Riiber’s break was necessary.

– That back had probably not benefited from running in Val di Fiemme, says Schmid.

At the same time, he understands Riiber’s frustration.

– He is impatient and a competitive person, and then it is annoying to have to watch races on TV, Schmid says.

20-year-old has impressed

Austria’s new combined star Johannes Lamparter has shone in Riiber’s absence.

There have been three victories in four races for the 20-year-old.

And in the race he did not win, he finished second behind Vinzenz Geiger.

The dominance of Lamparter was not unexpected. He always fought at the top as a junior and took gold in his first World Cup as a senior last season.

Lamparter sails up as Riiber’s major competitor. Not only in the Olympics, but also in the World Cup, which he leads by 100 points.

Lamparter says he is proud to be able to wear the yellow jersey at home in Seefeld.

– It must be mentioned that Jarl missed four competitions, but of course I do not want to give up the leader jersey so easily, Lamparter says to the newspaper Tyrolean newspaper.

The Austrian says he has a good relationship with Riiber. He knows he has a lot to learn from the Norwegian – especially in cross-country skiing. “He shows how combined works,” describes Lamparter.

Johannes Lamparter ravaged when Jarl Magnus Riiber did not ask.

Will show who is the best

Lamparter says that he is in good shape and brings an excellent feeling into the Seefeld weekend.

In any case, Riiber will undoubtedly be the experts’ favorite. In the years since 4th places in the last Olympics, he has grown into an almost unbeatable combined runner.

This year’s Olympics start on February 9 for the combined runners.

Before departure comes the season’s second most important race.

Because that’s exactly what the Seefeld triple is. The competition consists of three races to be added together, and is thus the combined sport’s answer to the Tour de Ski or jumping week.

A total winner means 200 World Cup points – which will be worth gold for Riiber.

– He is rust-competitive, but extremely clear and motivated. Jarl has good opportunities in all combined training he competes in, says national team coach Schmid.

Riiber has won Seefeld triples the last two seasons. And he thinks the chances of a new victory are good.

– I have had a good period and hope to be able to show that I am still on top, even after a small injury break. That would be a good confirmation before the Olympics, says Riiber.

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