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Lundby has found the answer to the weight problems

Maren Lundby (27) thinks she knows what is the reason why she had to stand over the entire winter season. Now the jumping star is making progress with a new training program.

NAME OF THE YEAR: Maren Lundby was hailed during the Sports Gala. The jumper has been open about his weight problems.

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In October, a tearful Maren Lundby told that the Olympic dream was shattered. The profiled jumper struggled to gain control of his weight.

– Extreme demands are made on various things in ski jumping, and weight is one of them, said a very emotional Lundby to NRK that time.

Since then, she has been looking for an explanation for the weight problems, without getting to the bottom of what was the cause behind.

Transfer Oppland Arbeiderblad Lundby says that she has now, after countless tests, found out that the “resting metabolism” has been out of balance.

– During rest, we burn the most fat. For some reason, tests suggest that my body does not burn fat at rest. Then there will be an imbalance, she tells the newspaper.

Lundby has given VG permission to reproduce the quotes.

According to Lundby, the plan is to change the training program. In the past, the jumper has focused mostly on strength and technique training, all with the goal of becoming the best possible ski jumper. Now she sees herself having to introduce other exercises in the exercise diary.

– Now the plan is for me to train more endurance. Run more, ski a little more, swim and do more endurance training. At the same time, I maintain a proper focus on the basic training, says Lundby.

She has an impressive CV with Olympic gold, two World Cup golds and 30 World Cup victories on her merit list. It was not the Olympics in Beijing, but Lundby is betting that the new training program can give new triumphs to cheer for in the future.

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She is already in the process of the new training and has immediately noticed positive results. Her big goal is to return as a top jumper. Lundby is the reigning Olympic champion in jumping from Pyeongchang in 2018.

– There is not much talk about weight, but the trend has been a bit down lately. This indicates that we are talking about what has been the problem and what we should do to rectify it, she says to Oppland Arbeiderblad.

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