Wednesday, May 18

Former prison manager about the Bastøy scandal: Should get a review of the entire prison service

Kåre Birger Grebstad believes that the operation of many Norwegian prisons is characterized by culture and poor management. Now he wants the ministry on the field to solve the challenges.

The iconic church building on Bastøy is almost 120 years old and rises like a monument on the prison island in the Oslo Fjord, just outside Horten. Now there is trouble there.

– Based on what I myself have experienced and heard from previous employees, I think the Prison and Probation Service in Norway in general has a problem: A culture in prisons and destructive management in many places, says Kåre Birger Grebstad.

From 1 January to 1 August last year, he worked in a temporary position as prison manager at Bastøy in the Oslo Fjord.

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