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Ford Mustang Mach-e: Ford recalls electric car favorite – may lose roof

There are many indications that the Ford Mustang Mach-E will be one of Norway’s best-selling cars also in 2022. This year will also see a new top model Mach-E GT – with almost 500 horsepower.

But even though it has been a lot to enjoy, not everything has gone as painlessly for Ford with this car. Major delays created problems in the beginning. Afterwards, the anti-skid system had to be upgraded, after the car had problems with evasive maneuvering in the so-called moose test.

In September, there was also a recall in connection with the panoramic glass roof and the windscreen simply being able to come loose.

Now there is clearly a new recall.

Bad glue

However, the problem is known from before. It is simply the glue in the sunroof, which continues to create challenges.

In the past, 18,000 cars have been affected by this recall.

This time, the number has more than doubled – to 27,318 cars, produced in 2021 and 2022.

Now European authorities, including German transport authorities (KBA), have also begun to check up on the problem, writes Swedish The World of Technology.

This will be the world’s fastest electric car charger

It is the glass roof that now creates challenges.

Norway affected

Brom has tried to get a comment from the information director for Ford in Norway, Anne Sønsteby. But we have not succeeded in that.

However, it will be very surprising if none of the around 5,000 cars registered in this country are not affected by this.

This time it is only cars with panoramic roofs that apply.

Black key gave illegal top speed – it became expensive

This car has in a short time become a common sight on Norwegian roads.

This car has in a short time become a common sight on Norwegian roads.


As the number we refer to above indicates, Mach-E has hit the Norwegian market well.

The Long Range version with rear-wheel drive has 99 kWh gross battery capacity – which gives a range of 610 kilometers.

We in Broom have also written about Norwegian Henrik Borchgrevink and Knut Wilthil, who managed to get a full 807 kilometers on one charge. It should be mentioned here that this was a record attempt, where the entire route and trip was carefully planned in advance.

Read more about the record trip here

Video: Here, Mach-E meets a completely different type of Ford Mustang

The car was separated – and the driver had a big problem

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