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Enyaq’s range figures attracted attention – now they will test again

This week, NAF has run a winter test on no less than 31 new electric cars. And here we are talking proper range test. NAF had salvage vehicles with it and could thus drive the vehicles completely empty of electricity.

The point is to find out the realistic range in winter for the cars and at the same time see this in relation to the range figures, measured according to the WLTP method.

Unexpectedly, none of the 31 cars managed official range. Here there were significant variations, where the best result was 11 percent worse than the WLTP number. The newcomer BYD Tang was responsible for that.

100 percent secure

Another result that has attracted attention is the Skoda Enyaq. NAF had two Enyaq copies on test: iV80 with rear-wheel drive and iV80X with 4×4.

This is what NAF is now writing about His electric car test page on Facebook:

We and Motor have received a lot of reactions and questions about the Enyaq iV80 numbers in the test – with good reason. The numbers we have given are the ones we measured, and we are 100 percent sure that we have not mixed the numbers: iV80X went 403 km, iV80 went 347 km.

Why is this so special? Yes, because electric cars with 4×4 usually run shorter than cars with operation “only” on front or rear wheels. The four-wheel drive system provides more resistance and more weight, it also draws more power.

This one impressed a lot in the previous winter test

Enyaq is a great success for Skoda in Norway, it is available with both rear-wheel drive and 4×4. And normally the latter should have the shortest range …

– Sounds bad

This is also reflected in the official figures from Skoda. iV80 has a range of 528 kilometers here, the consumption is stated at 16.9 kWt / 100 kilometers.

The same figure for the iV80X is 489 kilometers and 17.7 kWt / 100 kilometers. The battery packs are completely identical.

Now NAF has simply decided to embark on a new trip with these two cars – to double check the result:

It agrees so badly with all experience and with comparable results on other models, that we have to take a new round on the same route with the same iV80. We hope we can do it this weekend (the weather forecast suggests that Sunday may be a possibility in terms of getting as identical a temperature as possible). We report on and here in the event as soon as we have run a new test.

Four out of ten owners experience a halving

By bringing tow trucks on a trip, NAF can drive the cars completely empty of electricity.  Photo: NAF.

By bringing tow trucks on a trip, NAF can drive the cars completely empty of electricity. Photo: NAF.

Relevant to many

– It will be exciting to follow this. I think the vast majority of us who test electric cars have experienced results we are a little stunned by. This is often due to external influences, such as weather and temperature. But here it was exactly the same for all the cars in the test. Then it is reasonable to believe that there must be something wrong with one of the cars. And that is not unthinkable at all. We must remember that there is a lot of new technology here. For example, there will be no major changes in software before consumption is affected, says Broom’s editor-in-chief Vegard Møller Johnsen.

He believes that what happened to the Skoda may be relevant to many who have an electric car, or are considering buying such a car.

– Reach is now very important for many. Therefore, you may also want to keep an eye on this and see how the car delivers. It is not uncommon to hear that owners of the same car model may have quite different experiences, without it being easy to explain why. Then it remains to be seen what NAF finds out, when they embark on a trip again, concludes Møller Johnsen.

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