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Dear Oslo Municipality: Can you not drive in artificial snow for corona-tired children?

Oslo municipality has made a ski trail on Ola Narr. The debater believes that the municipality should also create tobogganing and slalom skiing in central Oslo.

As it is now, it is just ice and too dangerous for sledding.

This is a debate post. Opinions in the text are at the writer’s expense.

To Oslo Municipality, SkiMore and Ruter:

Can you not make an effort for public health and corona-weary children? We have an eldorado for winter games in central Oslo and the outskirts. But in the center there is only ice. Can you not create tobogganing and downhill skiing for the city’s children in these corona times?

There are very many slopes. Where I am known, it is Ola Narr, Torshovdalen and the Sinsen area where it would be great for sledding if artificial snow was run in.

You have made a ski trail on Ola Narr, but what about sledding? It is in the immediate area of ​​very many children, short trips and right outside the house doors.

As it is now, it is just ice and too dangerous for sledding. There are many such areas in Oslo.

To SkiMore in Tryvann:

You have great conditions, the lifts run and you have to have people at work, but almost no one uses the facility. It must cost a lot of kroner. Would it not have been wise to invest in the future by busing children from 4th to 5th grade and up to the facility after school? Free ski rental and lift pass. The children can not get there themselves.

It will provide unimaginable opportunities for earnings in the future when these children become big enough to get on the ground themselves.

And Routes:

You are struggling to get customers. Here you have an opportunity to get new public transport users by setting up free buses. Had not this been a super opportunity?

Greetings grandmother of 60+.

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