Sunday, May 29

Danish man fined for illegal semen distribution

The 54-year-old was charged with transporting and delivering his own semen to at least five women in Denmark in the period October 2017 to March 2020. This happened without permission from the Danish Agency for Patient Safety, which manages the area in Denmark.

The man’s lawyer, Tyge Trier, says he has accepted a fine for violating the law on the distribution of cells and tissues. Thus, he is not prosecuted for violating the law on assisted reproduction.

– He has accepted a fine under the Tissue Act, partly to avoid spending more time and resources on the case, and partly to ensure intimacy and privacy for the couples he has a relationship with, Trier says.

At one point, the police talked about the man risking a fine of 100,000 kroner, but the size of the fine he actually receives now is not known.

The charge of violating the law on assisted reproduction is due to the fact that he did this even though he has previously worked as a sperm donor in a sperm bank.


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