Sunday, May 22

Court stops oil exploration in US

Thus, the case is sent back to the Ministry of the Interior, which must choose what will be the next step.

The court in Washington stated on Thursday that a new climate assessment must be made or other measures implemented if the sale is to be completed.

Oil companies have offered to pay a total of $ 192 million for exploration licenses. They were auctioned off in November last year.

Shortly after Joe Biden was installed as president, he introduced a temporary halt to oil exploration in federal territories. But that decision was overturned by a Louisiana court.

Thus, the auction of licenses in the Gulf of Mexico completed right after Biden had attended the climate summit in Glasgow.

A group of environmental organizations went to court to stop the sale. They are looking forward to the ruling in the Washington court.

– We simply can not continue to invest in the fossil fuel industry, which puts society and our increasingly warmer planet in danger, says lawyer Brettny Hardy from the organization Earthjustice.


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