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Anna’s daughter had to wait for care: There was no help to get – News (Ekot)

– I am of course extremely touched by her story. Our goal is that every child and every youth should grow up and have a good life and enter adulthood with good health, but your investigation confirms the serious situation that many children and young people are in, says regional councilor Rachel De Basso (S ), who is also chairman of the committee for public health and healthcare in the Jönköping region.

There is a queue for child and adolescent psychiatry in many parts of the country. A review by Ekot of reports against BUP to the Swedish Health and Care Inspectorate shows that one of the most common reasons for reporting is long waiting times.

Around 200 out of about 500 complaints and Lex Maria reports in the last five years are about this.

It is mainly parents who report and many express great hopelessness and despair.

Anna in Jönköping reported the care of her daughter:

– I call and call and call and they just say that yes, unfortunately, it’s so and so many before and it’s twenty-five before and it’s thirty before and all that, and there are two to three months left, they say.

How did it feel as a mother?

-It was horrible. It was awful to see that even children ask for help and need help and there is no help to be had.

After more than four years of contacts and different types of support and conversations at the child and adolescent psychiatry in Jönköping, Anna’s daughter Hedda receives a neuropsychiatric investigation and the help they experience works.

Ivo did not take up the case as it is believed that she did not show any serious medical injuries, but Anna and Hedda believe that previous help saved her schooling.

Regional Councilor Rachel De Basso (S) is part of the cross-bloc coalition that governs the Jönköping region:

– We can historically see that child and adolescent psychiatry in Jönköping County has been underfunded. When we took office, we took up this issue and pushed for more resources.

When will children and young people who are mentally ill not have to wait for care in Jönköping?

-The sooner the better. Last year, we were up in a thousand investigations in total. This means that there will be many children who will receive a treatment with follow-up of drugs and should it be the case that additional resources are needed, then we need to move forward with that bit as well.

Hedda and Anna are actually called something else.

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