Monday, May 23

Trend break: Generation Z looks brighter on life – News (Echo)

Listen: Youth barometer

  • Young people are more positive about life than they have been for several years. This is according to the current survey The Youth Barometer among just over 18,000 between the ages of 15 and 24. The survey has previously shown a negative trend with anxious young people who isolate themselves and see the future in the dark.

  • But in this year’s survey, stress among young people in generation Z decreases. After mainly sitting at home and socializing digitally, interest in, for example, clubs and festivals increases, reports TT. For many years, there has been an increased interest in society but linked to a great deal of concern for the future. This concern seems to have subsided somewhat.

  • Environmental issues that have previously been in focus end up in second place among the most important issues among young people today. At the top are increased resources for health and care and in third place increased equality between the sexes. The interest in personal finance is one of the areas that has increased the most in 15 years, says Ulrik Hoffman, CEO of the Youth Barometer. He does not believe that young voters will be able to win this autumn just by being the best at climate issues.

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