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Tourist on a fishing trip tips about Vidar talent. Now he will try his hand at a foreign club

A club outside Norway has closed its eyes to Lukas Kristoffersen Emanuelsen (16). The story of how they discovered the young boy is quite special.

Lukas Kristoffersen Emanuelsen in the cup match against Start at Lassa last year.

The local great talent Lukas Kristoffersen Emanuelsen is only 16 years old, but already has good experience from senior football.

Last year, there was playing time in eleven games for Vidars A-team, and the youngster scored two goals. In addition, he has scored goals for the junior and recruit teams for the red shirts.

The attacking player has done his thing so well in the Vidar kit that it has been noticed outside Norway’s borders.

At the end of February, he is invited to a trial match for one week with the German club Dynamo Dresden, which is located in the 2nd Bundesliga. Here, Emanuelsen will appear for the U19 academy.

– It will be very nice. I’m looking forward, but at the same time I’m excited, says Emanuelsen to Aftenbladet.

And you might be wondering how a German club has discovered a player at Norwegian level four?

The story behind it is quite special – and a proof that football is full of coincidences.

Dynamo Dresden plays the home games at the mighty Rudolf Harbig Stadium, which has a capacity of 32,000 spectators. The club is in the lower half of the table in the 2. Bundesliga.

Fishing trip on Sjernarøy

It all started on Sjernarøy, where Lukas’ stepfather, Christian Aske, lives. Here he takes tourists on fishing trips.

A German he became acquainted with is very interested in football, and has seen Emanuelsen in action on video several times.

The German fisherman was so impressed by what he saw that he contacted an acquaintance on the board of Dynamo Dresden. Here, too, they were thrilled by the Vidar talent, and since then it has been on the ball.

Finally, an invitation came to Germany.

– I’ll just do my best and show myself. I do not quite know what to expect, so it will be exciting to know the level, says Emanuelsen.

Emanuelsen in action for Vidars A-team in a training match against Madla last year.

Hospitated with Viking

The 16-year-old is in first grade at Wang Toppidrett and has hospitated with Viking. He recently played for the dark blue promising G16 teams during the Scandinavian championship in Sweden.

Emanuelsen is also praised by Vidar coach Bjørnar Holmvik.

– This is a chance he just has to seize, and an excellent opportunity to gain experience from a good level and a different culture. Lukas is a very interesting and exciting player. He can go far, and just how far is a lot up to himself, Holmvik says to Aftenbladet.

The main character himself has the football dream ready.

– I’m still very young, so I do not stress. I’m just going to work on it. The goal is to reach as far as possible, and it would have been very cool to play in England once, says Emanuelsen and smiles.

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