Thursday, May 19

This is what the health director says to those who want to be infected now

FHI has previously said that the vast majority will test positive for omicron over the next few months. And that it can be beneficial to be infected not too long after taking the third dose.

Health director Guldvog confirms that they are aware that some are now actively trying to get infected.

– Yes, we are aware that some do, and we will not recommend it. Because it is not about making this curve as high as possible, ie that we get as many people infected as possible in the shortest possible time, Guldvog says to TV 2.

– Will go beyond others

Guldvog says that he can understand why people want to do this for their own part, but that it can have greater consequences. In other words, it is the spirit of hard work in all of us that must still be present.

Bjørn Guldvog, Director of the Norwegian Directorate of Health, does not recommend going to an “infection party” or seeking out infection elsewhere. Photo: Jonas Been Henriksen / TV 2

– It is like everything else in this pandemic that when you make a choice for yourself, you also make a choice for many others, he says.

It is not a wish right now to make the curve as high as possible.

– It will mean that people in your workplace will be away from work at the same time and therefore it makes sense that we hold back a bit and thus try to get a slightly flatter curve than we otherwise would have, Guldvog says.

– Preferably infected now

TV 2 has talked to young people in the streets of Oslo and most people would like to finish the infection as soon as possible.

None of them would like to take an active part in getting infected.

– Giving f *** is the only way now. Now we have tried to be locked up for a long time and it does not work, says Endre Thorsdalen.

He thinks it’s fine if he’s infected now, but is a little more worried about his grandmother.

Nina Irena agrees that she does not think it hurts so much to be infected.

– I have heard that it is better to be infected now than afterwards, so if I am to be infected, I would rather be now, she says.

Kari Eline Groven says that she would rather not have to take a dose of wood due to possible menstrual disorders. Therefore, she would prefer to be infected by the omicron variant.

– Now I am double vaccinated and 21 years old, so I think maybe it will go well, it is a chance I feel I can take, says Groven.

We must be responsible

The director of the Norwegian Directorate of Health also emphasizes that it is not so dangerous to be infected now for most of us.

The reason why the Norwegian Directorate of Health will now flatten the curve is to ensure that the critical functions in society are not weakened by excessive sickness absence.

– Now it’s about how we act responsibly together so that we get through this in the best way, says Guldvog.

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