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This is the isolation of the Olympic hopes in Italy – Weng has been given a spinning bike

SEISER ALM (VG) The Norwegian Ski Association is taking several steps to take care of corona-infected Heidi Weng and Anne Kjersti Kalvå who are isolated in hotel rooms in Italy.

NEW EQUIPMENT: Heidi Weng has received a spinning bike and exercise equipment in isolation in Italy. Here from the start of the season at Beitostølen.

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– I have talked to Anne Kjersti and Heidi every day, but there is not much to say. I just try to show consideration, but it is only black the first few days, says Ole Morten Iversen, national team coach for the women, to VG.

He flew home from the Olympic gathering in Seiser Alm last weekend with Arild Monsen. On Monday it became known that Monsen was infected, and on Wednesday the message came that Weng and Kalvå were infected – close to the Olympics, which has its first cross-country exercise on 5 February.

Weng and Kalvå must be in isolation in Italy until 3 February. Currently they are at the hotel Steger-Dellai. The association is looking at opportunities to find some more suitable rooms they can live in during the isolation period, and is trying to send down a person who can assist. The duo has also received training equipment.

– We do our best to facilitate them. Heidi wanted a spinning bike, so then we also bought some exercise equipment for strength. But it’s not just-just that either, because then we have to clarify with the medical team if you can drive to the store and buy this, says Iversen.

INSULATION: At this hotel, Steger-Dellai in Seiser Alm, Heidi Weng and Anne Kjersti Kalvå are in isolation.

– Do you know anything more about Weng and Kalvå getting to the Olympics?

– It’s been put on hold for a while. We can not do anything about them before the weekend, but for now we interpret that there is isolation for ten days in Italy, which we can not break. They have to get used to it, says Iversen.

He has a hope, but is uncertain. Mostly due to the strict entry rules in China.

– With the course omikron gives to someone, it can be quite possible to go good skiing quickly. So it is not the disease that stops them most for the time being, it is more the strict rules that are to enter China.

Besides Therese Johaug, Johannes Høsflot Klæbo and the two infected, the rest of the Olympic team was moved ten minutes to Hotel Gstatsch.

The reason is that hotels were only booked until Wednesday (yesterday), as the originally planned return trip from Italy to Norway was on 26 January (yesterday), and on to China on 27 January (today). Now the hope is to fly from Italy to Norway on January 30 and on to China on January 31.

– It seems that the girls cope well. They organize games over Teams, and I see there is a lot of arguing about rules, so they do their best not to dig themselves down, says Iversen.

Runner Helene Marie Fossesholm says she spends a lot of time on the phone.

– I’m glad I have Snapchat. There will be many video snaps a day, and I am very happy for everyone who sends to me, says Fossesholm to VG.

Eirik Myhr Nossum, national team coach for the men, has seen all races from the World Cup in Lahti, Seefeld and Oberstdorf.

Iversen is currently alert and has tested negative on several tests so far at home in Meråker. He hopes to go to China on January 31. In the meantime, he has more than enough to do.

– It’s terribly busy. Phones, emails, tests and here and there. But I am desperate for those who sit alone in the hotel, at the same time as we have started thinking about reserves. We have called one in the sprint and one in the distance so far, says Iversen.

Sprinter Ane Appelkvist Stenseth confirms to VG that she is the one and adds that she hopes the team in Seiser Alm will get to the Olympics. While Silje Silje Theodorsen should also have been told to be ready.

– Not a bad tip, says Iversen.

– How much will all this cost the squad when it comes to fighting for medals?

It’s uncertain. Of course, there is a lot of energy leaking in everyone, and it is important to limit it. As long as they get trained in fantastic conditions, it helps a lot. But we are less equipped for the first exercise and the probability that someone has a slightly worse day then, is a little greater, Iversen answers.

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