Sunday, May 29

The picture was one of many warnings of what awaited the Jews

In 1933, a German lawyer named Michael Siegel was beaten and taken bloody around the streets of Munich following a complaint to the police. It was one of many warnings.

Picture from 1942. D / S «Danube» on the way out of the port of Oslo. The main island in the background and a group of people on the quay in the foreground.

AFTENPOSTEN HISTORY: On January 27, 1945, Auschwitz was liberated by the Red Army. Since 2005, the day has been marked as an international day of remembrance for Holocaust victims.

In 1942, the ship D / S “Donau” took 532 people from Oslo some distance on the way to the concentration camp. They had only one thing in common: They were Jews. Of the 773 Jews sent from Norway to the concentration camps in 1942-43, only 38 were still alive after the liberation in 1945.

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