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The Foreign Minister is infected with the corona – visited the royal couple just before she tested positive

Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt (Labor Party) tested positive for covid-19 on Thursday afternoon. A few hours earlier, she visited the royal couple.

There will be no Olympic tour at Anniken Huitfeldt.

With all my heart, I wish I did not test positive on the same day as I had an audience with King Harald, Queen Sonja and Crown Prince Haakon.

Huitfeldt tells Aftenposten. She meets the king weekly to report on Norwegian foreign policy.

Huitfeldt tested negative today early, and met the king at 10. She took a new test when she got an acute headache this afternoon. At 3 p.m., she tested positive.

– She tested positive this afternoon and is in isolation, says communications manager Trude Måseide at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and adds that the Minister of Foreign Affairs only has mild symptoms.

The audience took place at 10. Huitfeldt tested positive about five hours later, NTB is informed.

The castle was notified immediately. There were also others who have been to meetings with the Foreign Minister.

– Like everyone else, I am afraid of infecting others. And of course I sincerely hope that I have not infected His Majesty the King, Queen or Crown Prince even though I was blindfolded and kept my distance, says Huitfeldt.

The royal couple must test themselves

The royal court confirms that Huitfeldt was in audience with King Harald on Thursday.

– The royal couple and the Crown Prince received the Foreign Minister in an audience today. This afternoon we were informed that the Foreign Minister had tested positive for covid-19. The royal couple and the Crown Prince will therefore, in accordance with the infection control rules, test themselves.

This is what Sven Gjeruldsen, assistant communications manager at the Royal Court, tells Aftenposten.

Anniken Huitfeldt was Minister of Culture from 2009 to 2012. In 2011, she met Queen Sonja and King Harald to look at objects to be exhibited in connection with the King and the Queen’s 75th birthday.

The positive test means, among other things, that she can not travel to Beijing to represent Norway at the opening ceremony of this year’s Winter Olympics.

It was not confirmed that Huitfeldt would go to Beijing, but she has previously made it clear that she does not support a diplomatic boycott of the Games.

The United States, Britain, Canada and a number of other countries are choosing to keep their politicians home from the Olympics due to China’s human rights violations.

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