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The collaboration between Akershus and Oslo was a great success. It should re-emerge.

  • Njål Vikdal

    Asker municipal council (V)

  • Eirik Bøe

    Bærum presidency (V)

The regional cooperation between Oslo and Akershus facilitated, among other things, public transport, the authors of the article write.

Akershus should re-emerge as a partner to Oslo if Viken is dissolved.

This is a debate post. Opinions in the text are at the writer’s expense.

The collaboration between Akershus and Oslo was a great success. The regional co-operation facilitated efficient public transport, dynamic development of infrastructure and unparalleled business development in Norway. Therefore, Akershus should re-emerge as a partner to Oslo if Viken is dissolved.

The natural county amalgamation in the capital region is Oslo and Akershus, as Akershus county was organized from 1682 to 1918, and as the State Administrator was organized until 2019. Unfortunately, Oslo said no to this.


A growing region requires good transport solutions and coordinated area and mobility planning. The evenly sized counties of Oslo and Akershus were in practice one county. Oslo and Akershus had coordinated their most important tasks through having Ruter as a joint public transport company and through Oslo Package 3 as joint financing and prioritization of transport measures. And not least with a common regional area and transport plan that will reduce transport growth and degradation of nature.

That Viken does not want a coordinated plan for area and transport with Oslo is demanding. This will lead to urban sprawl, increased car traffic and increased degradation of nature in Akershus and Oslo.

Playing with an idea of ​​dividing Akershus into a West Bay and an East Bay or other divisions around Oslo will create a situation where Oslo will negotiate with two counties about public transport companies, toll rates and common area and transport plans.

This is the recipe for a divided, weaker and irrelevant Greater Oslo, not the recipe for an efficient, vigorous region that the Storting adopted in 2009.

Should be only one option

Making the Oslo region an engine for the country and an attractive part of the Nordic region and Europe that can cope with the climate and nature crisis is a national task that requires the right structure.

The Red-Greens and the Progress Party will now reverse the establishment of Viken. There should then be only one alternative: that Akershus be resurrected.

Njål Vikdal (V), Asker municipal council, member of the Committee for Transport, Akershus, 2015-2019

Eirik Bøe (V), Bærum chairmanship, chair of the Committee for Planning, Industry and the Environment Akershus, 2015-2019

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