Thursday, May 26

Spotify removes Neil Young’s music

Spotify removes Neil Young’s music from his platform after his protest against the streaming service broadcasting a podcast he believes is spreading propaganda against vaccines.

Neil Young ga Spotify et ultimatum.

In an announcement on Wednesday, Spotify says that they regret Neil Young’s decision, but that he is welcome back.

– I understood that I could no longer support Spotify’s life-threatening disinformation to music-loving people, Young said when he gave Spotify the choice between his music and Joe Rogan’s popular podcast.

Spotify has a million contract with Rogan who last month interviewed a doctor who has become a hero among vaccine opponents, but who has been excluded from Twitter for misinformation. He claims, among other things, that millions of people have been hypnotized into believing that the vaccine prevents serious illness.

Neil Young points out that many of Spotify’s listeners are young people who can be easily manipulated because they believe that Spotify would never provide false information.

“Unfortunately they are wrong, and I understood that I had to try to get it out,” says Young.

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