Wednesday, May 18

Series creators let Nazis and racists get away with it in their own words. Are we learning something new and important from it?

The creators of the series allow Nazis and racists to escape in their own words. The crucial question then becomes: Are we learning something new and important?

Series creator Henrik Evertsson gives the microphone to right-wing extremists.

“Chaos magic”, Hans Jørgen Lysglimt Johansen calls it excited. About how conspiracies and lies from his echo chamber eventually find their way into the mainstream sphere. Because journalists reluctantly feel obligated to refer to them. It is not the only time journalist and series creator Henrik Evertsson meets himself at the door in this series about the Nordic nationalist movements.

He gives the microphone to these extreme voices with open eyes, believing that it is better to expose them to daylight than to chase them into the dark corners. It is a covenant with the devil that many have burned before him.

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