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Police: The man accused of assault was released – then the abuse continued

The 27-year-old man himself has not taken a position on the accusation, his defender, lawyer Sulman Hussain, informs TV 2.

– He is having a hard and difficult time right now, but he is cooperating with the police, Hussain says.

– Tempting with money

The police became aware of the case once in the spring of last year. The investigation quickly revealed that there could be talk of many victims.

When the 27-year-old was arrested on a Tuesday morning in May, he was charged with assaulting between 10 and 20 girls aged 12-16.

– In our view, he contacts the girls on Snapchat and tempts with money through the payment service Vipps. In return, he asks for lightly dressed photos, says police attorney Sonika Sharma-Sundheim to TV 2.

– It usually starts with a posing picture, and then it becomes more physical over time, she says.

RESPONSIBLE FOR PROSECUTION: Police attorney Sonika Sharma-Sundheim, who currently works in the Oslo police district, was granted her application for custody. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

In addition to the charge of obtaining images that sexualize children, the 27-year-old is charged with having two girls between the ages of 14 and 16 carry out sexual acts with themselves.

According to Sharma-Sundheim, the charge may be extended to apply to more victims.

Therefore, he was released

When the 27-year-old had been in custody for two months, the police in July chose not to ask the court for an extension of the imprisonment.

– We no longer believed that the danger of misuse of evidence was present, and therefore he was released, says Sharma-Sundheim.

Several months later, in December, one of the offended girls was interrogated by the police. She said she had been in contact with the man after he was released.

The police investigated the case further, and on Wednesday this week the man was arrested at an address in Oslo.

– We believe he has continued with the same behavior after his release. Therefore, we have requested that he be remanded in custody due to the danger of recurrence, says the police attorney.

Should you, in retrospect, have tried to keep him in danger of recidivism when he was released in July?

– We did not think at the time that the conditions for custody were present, she says.

MEET HERE: On Thursday, the man was remanded in custody again.  Photo: Frode Sunde / TV 2

MEET HERE: On Thursday, the man was remanded in custody again. Photo: Frode Sunde / TV 2

For the police, a lot of work remains to go through seizures in the case. They are also trying to gain access to a Snapchat account that they believe could shed light on the man’s activities after he was released six months ago.

Imprisoned again

The man was remanded in custody for four weeks on Thursday with a letter and visitation ban. He applied for release during the court hearing.

– He does not believe that there is a danger of either loss of evidence or repetition, says lawyer Hussain.

Recently, many of the case documents were declassified for the accused, so that he only now has access to see what the police have done.

According to the defender, there are over a thousand pages of investigation.

– Now he wants to get to grips with the case, and then he can take a position on the question of criminal guilt after that, he says.

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