Sunday, May 29

High energy. But can it be too much Stian Blipp, asks our reviewer.

Could it be too much Stian Blipp? Those who answer a resounding “no” to that question will love “Cirque du Blipp”.

Stian Blipp is flanked by dancers Anne Theilmann Jensen and William Boo in a show where he should have had a little less focus on himself.

“Here you can forget the world outside, and we deserve it,” says Stian Blipp before he receives a loud applause and starts talking to the audience.

Has Wenche in the front row been to the circus before? Ai, it was not long since she was a child. Blinkblunk. Was it a circus in Nittedal? Maybe a lot of clowns, say. A little Fantorangen parody wearing a floss hat. And voila! An invisible dog! Hundini!

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