Tuesday, May 24

Young people are exposed to increasing pressure from advertising on social media: – I think it can be harmful

The laws that are to ensure the protection of children and young people are too fragmented and outdated, the Children’s Ombudsman and the Consumer Council wrote in a letter to the government last autumn. Now they are sending a new letter, this time with the support of a number of organizations.

Fatima Al-Sayad and Suleiman Ali go to Sofienberg school. Mobile and social media are a big part of both their everyday lives. They usually have to hand it in when the school day starts.

The student council representatives at Sofienberg School are in agreement. Tiktok, Instagram and Snapchat are the platforms that apply. Facebook is «for the old».

– It’s a good way to be with friends. In addition, you pick up many trends and such at Tiktok, says Amalie Koren (13).

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