Wednesday, May 18

Will train crows to pick up snipes

The company Corvid Cleaning has come up with a method for teaching wild birds to exchange snipes for food.

– The birds put the snipes in a vending machine which then gives them food, says Christian Günther-Hanssen, founder of Corvid Cleaning.

It is now planned for a pilot project in Södertälje, writes Aftonbladet.

SNEIPER: If the project is successful, crows will pick up sneiper that ends up on the ground. Photo: Archive

– By teaching the crows to exchange snipes for food, they can help clear our streets and squares. The birds place the sweeps in a vending machine which then feeds them. It will simply be a barter.

Södertälje hopes that the crows will become permanent cleaning workers in the city.

Tomas Thernström is a waste worker in Södertälje, and is positive about the crow idea.

– Since it is a pilot project, we simply have to try our best. How it will work, we will discuss at the seminar, he says to the newspaper Länstidningen.

At the same time, they will check the interest in society and potential collaborations with other actors.

– The recommendation to the municipality is that we should explore this, and if possible, with costs and location,

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