Thursday, May 26

The Swedes: – We wanted to be as little on Norwegian soil as possible

While the Norwegian national team runners live in uncertainty before the Beijing Olympics, the Swedes are well on track. Due to the contagion situation in Seiser Alm, the “sweet brother” chose to recharge in Livigno.

Departs directly from Italy

National team coach Anders Byström says that all the runners have given negative tests. They board a charter flight from Italy to China tomorrow.

– I felt it myself yesterday. I was very happy that it went well. At the same time, there are several tests to be taken before starting. It will be a concern for what the tests will show, says Byström.

Northug: – This is just the beginning

He himself will be with the Norwegian charter flight from Oslo.

– Is it strange that the Norwegian runners were going home to Oslo before leaving for China?

– They probably have a good plan. We thought we would get as many hours in altitude as possible before traveling on to Beijing. We wanted to be as little on Norwegian soil as possible, chuckles Byström.

– You get to take care when you are in Oslo …

– I always do that when I’m in Oslo, he says.

Own chef

Byström explains why the Swedes chose to change the precamp from Seiser Alm to Livigno.

– We chose to move there because there was an infection in the hotel we were going to. If the staff at the hotel were infected, I would not go there with my team. It was an easy choice not to go to that hotel. We brought our own chef who had his own apartment where they cooked. We have stayed as far away from people as possible, he says.

Nervous Johaug: – Crossing his fingers

Byström says that the Norwegian tests affect the cross-country environment.

– It would have been strange if I had not brought it with me. That is the only thing that is being talked about now, he says.

– First of all, I feel sorry for Heidi and Anne Kjersti. I also sympathize with Espen (Bjervig) and the leaders in view of the chaos and board that is now. It’s very boring that it’s happening. There will be runners who probably will not be allowed to participate in the first distance, runners who had been at the top, says Byström.

The national team manager is aware that the athletes cannot be charged.

– If Heidi Weng is infected, who is perhaps the practitioner who is most careful from what I have seen, it is erratic. I think the Norwegian team has done everything they can to take care of infection control, he says.

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