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The Norwegian Medical Association asks members to limit the prescription of blue prescriptions: – There will be consequences for patients

From New Year, Helfo has had the opportunity to issue fines up to 212,000 kroner if doctors prescribe a blue prescription on the wrong basis. It has caused doctors around the country to react strongly.

Even with small errors, doctors can be fined up to 53,000 kroner.

The Norwegian Medical Association has previously opened to stop prescribing blue prescriptions as a result of the new rule. On Tuesday, they went to great lengths to do just that.

In a letter to their around 37,000 members at 11pm on Tuesday night, they wrote the following:

“The Norwegian Medical Association advises its members to limit prescribing on a blue prescription to a minimum, and to a large extent leave it to Helfo to assess whether the patient is entitled to this benefit.”

– There will be consequences for patients. It is unfortunate, but it is the government that has put us in this situation, says president of the medical association Anne-Karin Rime.

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GPs are provoked that they can be fined for errors with blue prescriptions

There was no response from the government

The background for the new recommendation from the medical association is thus a new set of rules. From 1 January, Helfo could impose infringement fines on practitioners who prescribe medicines, food and medical consumables in violation of the regulations.

  • The change in the regulations means that GPs can receive fines of up to 2 G, ie 212,000 kroner.
  • Even in the case of a “lower degree of guilt”, where a small amount of errors is revealed, doctors can be fined up to NOK 53,000.

– There is a whole group of doctors who now feel very suspicious. There is no documentation that shows that the scheme is managed incorrectly, says Rime.

Minister of Health Ingvild Kjerkol (Labor Party) has announced that the government is working on changes. The medical association asked for feedback from the minister by Friday last week, but accepted that the deadline was postponed to the beginning of this week.

When there was no answer on Tuesday night, the central board of the association held an extraordinary meeting where they concluded by sending the recommendation to limit the printing of blue prescriptions.

– We have not received a written answer from them yet, but we still want to find a solution to this, says Rime.

President of the medical association, Anne-Karin Rime, says it is unfortunate that the conflict with the government goes beyond the patients.

Gets understanding from patients

Blue prescription is a prescription for medication for patients who have a long-term need for medication. The patient picks up the medicine at the pharmacy and only pays a deductible. The state pays the rest.

The new recommendation means that more people who previously received a blue prescription will now have them on a white prescription. This means that the medicine will be considerably more expensive for the patients in question.

– There are unfortunately some patients who expect to get a blue prescription, but who will now get it on white. They have to apply for Helfo themselves to get the money back, says Rime.

In the letter, they emphasize that the individual doctor must especially consider vulnerable patient groups who will not be able to seek reimbursement from Helfo.

Rima says that they have support from the patient organizations.

– We have good contact with them. They fully understand the doctors’ situation and support us in that it is unreasonable for doctors to risk financial punishment for the work they do on behalf of patients.

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