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“The farm celebrity” -Tomine: – I’m so disappointed

It is not always as easy to get into a situation later than everyone else, and Tomine Harket (28) got to know that in “Farmen kjendis”.

The plan was for the singer to be involved from the start, but when she realized that the time was not right and it did not fit, she chose to say no.

Later, she was asked to join as a challenger, but by then she had already put the preparations on the shelf.

And Harket regrets it.

Learned the game on the farm

The singer was initially determined that she should familiarize herself well with the game, but when things changed, she had to take it on the kick.

– I learned what a duel was, when I was in there. And just like that: “Oh, sledgehammer and tug of war. What the hell is that, sort of? ‘ I knew nothing, Harket admits to Good evening Norway.

She says that she wished it was not like that, as she sees the Farm as an exciting opportunity.

– I am so disappointed in myself that I did not go into it, because it is a very cool chance to be allowed to participate. But again, it’s because it was so spontaneous and that they were like: “Okay, we know you said no, but do you want to be a challenger?”, Says Harket.

When the schedule had loosened up, the artist decided to try anyway, despite the fact that time was short and the preparations were not in place.

– Clicked at an angle

Another thing Harket felt from entering the farm later was the state of mind of the original participants. Because it’s not just just being closed off from the outside world for several weeks.

– Very, very strange to come in as a challenger. Because I was completely «normal», I would say. There was no one in there, because they had managed to get into that Farmen bubble. So it was weird, she says.

By the time they arrived at Harket, the participants had already managed to smuggle goods into the farm. This marked the singer early.

– It happened fast. As soon as I got there, suddenly someone was standing outside throwing chocolate and lots of stuff. You also had to run and find it and they clicked at an angle, she reveals.

Due to the late entrance, she did not understand what was going on.

– I had not had time to go insane, so I was just like: “Hello, it’s just a chocolate, can we relax?”, Says Harket.

She describes the situation as desperate and dumb, but admits that she got a piece of chocolate during the exact distribution of the smuggled goods.

Sophie (Elise Isachsen, journ.anm.) Sat there in the room with the chocolate and had released one by one, there were also some who had received two and people were like: “Oh, but he has received two!”. And I just: “My God, this is such a damn nerd,” Harket concludes.

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